Planning permission for Marlborough tennis Club

We have just received news of the panning approval for the new tennis courts at Marlborough Golf Club for for Marlborough Tennis Club.

Our Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment played a major part in securing the application by demonstrating that the visual and environmental impacts on this part of the North Wessex Downs AONB where very limited.

We also demonstrated that the proposed floodlighting would also have a minimal effect on the tranquility in this part of the AONB.

The tennis club are delighted and this should now provide a permanent home the sports activities.




Wedding venue garden design, Oxfordshire

Wedding venue garden design, Oxfordshire

The design is for a hotel wedding venue and invloves the re-design of the gardens. The site has been divided up into a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ which range in character from formal avneues and gardens through to wildflower meadows and orchard area.

Once the final design is agreed well will be preparing detailed designs, contracts and implemeting the work on site over the next 12 months.

new projects

Our advertising campaings are begining to bear fruit new projects include and many hours of web design and SEO and marketing.

Theres include:

Landscape design for a prestigeous new house close to Thames near Reading including a green roof and the refurbishment of a disused Victorian walled garden

The landscape design for a development in an industrial park in Malvern

We have just completed a Landscape and Visual imapct Assessment for a solar farm in Cornwall

The detailed designs and specification are at last underway for the refurbishment of a business park in Oxfordshire including ornamental lakes, a planting and seating areas.

We have prepared a number of free proposals including visual impact assessment in Hampshire and Oxfordshire and the design for a visitors centre and ampetheatre near London.

Please fee free to contact us at any time if you have project we can help you with.